The kitchen - one of the most important
rooms in the house (next to the
bathroom).  As a potential buyer, the
kitchen is probably something that you
pay most attention to, as a homeowner
you should too.  A modern, functional
kitchen is on the top of most
consumer's lists.  Things to consider
when thinking about a kitchen remodel
would be the type and quality of the
materials utilized.
All about kitchens and kitchen remodeling.
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I'm sure you've all seen those fancy kitchens - granite counter tops, custom cherry
cabinetry, commercial grade appliances - all a cook's dream.  With a kitchen remodel, it is
very easy to OVER IMPROVE and this should be the starting place to begin your research.

The first thing to examine when completing a project of this magnitude is to figure out
what is typical of dwellings in your neighborhood.  If you live in a neighborhood where
similarly aged and styled dwellings come with laminate cabnets/countertops and
linoleum flooring, it wouldn't be a wise idea to go out and spend your live savings on a
fancy kitchen remodel.  While I cannot stop
you from sinking thousands and thousand of
dollars into over improvements, I urge you to
stay within a range for your neighborhood as
to properly recoup your remolding

Typical flooring for the kitchen include
linoleum, vinyl, ceramic/glass/mable tile or
hardwoods.  Cabinetry can range from a
laminated press board to custom made
wood - cherry, oak, pine, hickory and birch are some common types utilized.  Counter
tops appear to be a new trend, materials here include quartz, granite, corian, marble,
ceramic tiles, polished/acid stained concrete and metals such as copper and stainless

A kitchen is a very difficult project to tackle by oneself.  However, the major home
improvement stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot can help you out in deciding
materials and design.  It should be noted that you would want to call ahead and set up an
appointment as these specialists are often very busy.

When choosing a professional t o complete your new kitchen remodel it is a good idea to
consult your local yellow pages and/or homebuilder association.  As always, we
recommend getting a couple of quotes and asking allot of questions such as how long
the project is expected to take, what materials/brands are being used and whether or not
the builder has insurance.  Again, it cannot be stressed enough - DO NOT OVER
IMPROVE - it's wasted money.