A deck is a great, quick way to add a couple of
dollars to your overall market value.  Most
decks are often located at the rear of the
dwelling and are elevated off the ground.  
There are may types and styles of decks -
observatory, corridor, boardwalk or just your
average backyard deck.  Additionally, there are
a great variety of materials that can be utilized
for the decking - wood, composite, metal,
high-density polyethylene and polystyrene and
PET plastic to name a few.
All about decks and deck materials.
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When deciding to place a deck on your house, you should consider what your main
purpose/use will be as well as other factors such as sunlight, privacy and view.  Here in the
Northeast, a good rule of thumb is on the south side if available.  Placing your new deck on the
south side of your home will allow the most usable amount of time throughout the changing
seasons as well as provide the most amount of daylight in most cases.

Whether you build your deck yourself or have a qualified professional assist you, it is always a
good idea to check into your local building codes to make sure your new deck will not be in any
violation.  Most often this information can be found on-line or with talking to your local codes

If building your deck yourself, most major home centers such as Lowe's or Home Depot have
staff that can assist you in determining the proper amount of materials and what supports are
necessary.  Since most decks are exposed to the elements it is always a good idea to consider
low or no-maintenance materials such as vinyls or compositions.

Choosing a builder can be quite the task if gone about improperly.  Generally, it is wise to
choose someone that is reputable, has insurance and conducts business in a professional
manner.  Often times a quick on-line search for builders in your area will provide you with a
number of professionals to call and have a quote made.  When you speak with a builder it is a
good idea to ask allot of questions.  Questions should include time frames, pricing, materials,
insurance and permits; a good builder should know their facts.